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Redwood Park Academy

Our Curriculum


All classes provide a teaching and learning environment which is orderly, structured and attractive and provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.  They promote independent thinking, active learning, a “can-do” attitude and an active, inquisitive imagination that fosters self-confidence and social competence.

The key principles on which we work are:

  • To develop communication skills supported as appropriate by signing, symbols and the use of augmentative communication aids
  • To develop skills for independence
  • To encourage decision/choice-making

Our pupils are encouraged to:

  • Pursue their interests and ideas, making decisions about what to do and how they might do it
  • Learn to work and interact cooperatively with others
  • Exercise a wide range of intellectual and physical abilities

Key Stage 3

Years 7, 8 and 9 engage in a broad and balanced curriculum and our school values and vision are at the heart of our learning.  The principles of the secondary national curriculum have been embraced, adopting a creative approach.  Pupils take on increasing amounts of responsibility and are encouraged to make an active contribution to their own learning.  All aspects of the whole school curriculum are addressed as well as the individual specialist needs of our pupils.

Key Stage 4

The pupils are divided into class groups according to age and stage with some subjects being taught to whole class groups and many to smaller groups.

The curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for the greater responsibilities and challenges of life after school.  There is a focus on helping pupils to reach their full potential and to gain appropriate external accreditation to help equip them for the next steps. 

14 –16 Curriculum

The 14 –16 phase of education at Redwood Park School provides a curriculum that gives pupils the opportunity to study both the national core curriculum and the broader whole school curriculum.  Each of the core subjects has external accreditation and can be studied at the pace of the individual pupils; pupils are divided into ability groups for some of these subjects.

The other area of the curriculum in the 14-16 phase is that of personal development and individual choice.  Currently the pupils all follow a Life Management course for 1-2 afternoons per week.  They all participate in Performing Arts which includes Rock Challenge and they have a choice for 1 or 2 afternoons per week to follow one of the following options:

 ‘Creative Works’, Sport and Leisure, ‘The Modern World’

Each of the subjects includes a wide range of activities with a common theme.  These courses encourage pupils to develop their independence and confidence and prepare them for their next step into the adult community and life beyond school.

Key stage 4 pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a link course with local Colleges and work experience.

External accreditation currently on offer is published in the Key stage 4 Handbook which is updated annually.

Please read the documents outlining our implementation of the curriculum and its impact in order to gain a complete overview of learning at Redwood Park.

If you would like to discuss the curriculum further, please contact the school admin office on 02392 377500.

Curriculum Documents

Redwood Park Academy External Accreditations