Our vision

We believe that Redwood Park Academy is a place of learning that inspires our pupils and staff.

Our pupils enjoy their learning and as a result they have a positive mindset and they benefit from all the opportunities on offer.  Each member of our team has a critical part to play, a chance to grow and develop, move forward and focus on the belief that all things are possible.

Our academy enables pupils to:

  • Achieve great things
  • Solve problems and become as independent as possible
  • Experience the excitement of investigation and discovery
  • Develop self confidence and self belief
  • Communicate effectively

Our vision is focused on ensuring that we prepare our pupils for the next significant stage in their lives, whatever that might be.   It identifies what they will achieve and how we will make sure that happens. Redwood Park Academy puts the pupils at the very core of all that we do. When we make a decision the first question we will ask is: "How will our pupils benefit?"  In creating our vision we asked 3 questions:

  1. What will you see?
  2. What will you hear?
  3. What will you hear said about our academy?