Chris Day

Chris Day
Assistant Headteacher

A little about myself 

I have been at the Solent Academy Trust for 18 months and initially started as Assistant Head at Mary Rose, before transferring to Redwood in September where I now coordinate CPD, out of hours learning, outdoor education and elements of safety and well-being, including educational visits. I came into teaching through a love of PE and outdoor education. Over a decade or so, I have had a vast range of roles in mainstream, alternative provision and special education. From each, I have learnt a tremendous amount, and been inspired by both the young people and teaching teams I have been fortunate enough to learn with and from.

In spare moments, I can be found engaging in adrenalin fuelled activities including mountain biking on the Downs, climbing or white water paddling. I love to travel, and have recently had the privilege to take groups of young people out to travel extensively through India and South East Asia. Opening the world up to young people is something I feel exceptionally passionate about, and I am particularly lucky to be able to offer young people these kinds of life changing opportunities. I am married and have a four year old daughter who I am fortunate enough to spend lots of time with as I am part time.  It’s been fascinating to be able to watch her early development and to be able to be such a hands-on dad.

What excites you about your role within the Academy?

As my teaching career progressed, I became more inspired to ask ‘why?’ and to consider what the real purpose of learning is. This helped me to develop my philosophy for teaching and learning and led me to realise that I wanted to become a leader in education so that I could help other people around me grow. Coming to Redwood has given me an opportunity to work in a team of passionate, enthusiastic and committed staff, developing a shared vision for teaching and learning. I enjoy having professional conversations with colleagues, inspiring them to develop ways to deliver learning and am excited about what the future will hold for the school and its leaders.