Harriet Butterworth

Harriet Butterworth
Head of Learning for Personalisation and Inclusion

A little about myself 

I’m the Head of Learning for Personalisation and Inclusion at Redwood Park Academy.
I have had the great pleasure and privilege of supporting young people with special needs for over 10 years in a range of settings, including home education, residential care and schools. These experiences have instilled in me a passion for ensuring the best outcomes for our every one of our young people. I began my teaching journey in 2015 having completed a Master’s Degree in Psychology, where I developed research that highlighted the importance of practical, skill-based learning for students with special needs. I am incredibly passionate about supporting our students to achieve their goals and aspirations.

During school holidays, I enjoy wakeboarding, climbing and the occasional attempt at mountain biking! If I’m stuck indoors I enjoy drawing and painting – a lot of my lessons involve paint!

What excites you about your role within the School/Academy?

Being a teacher at Redwood Park Academy is fantastic because we have high aspirations for our students and we are fully committed to the journey that each of our pupils take. I enjoy being part of a school that values our students as individuals and is dedicated to providing the very best in all aspects of education.