Personalised Remote Learning

All pupils at Redwood Park pupils are entitled to a Remote Learning provision which is:

  • Personalised
  • Meets the requirements and outcomes of their individual Education, Health & Care Plans
  • Supports wider needs, including therapeutic intervention, as directed by specialists e.g. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech and Language Therapy where appropriate
  • Directly linked to the ‘Topic’ and content identified for their key stage within the main school environment
  • Meaningful, engaging and ‘real world focussed’
  • Considerate of Sensory Integration or Regulation Needs and their Readiness to Learn
  • Mindful of their Wellbeing
  • Fun!

Due to the complex needs of our pupils, many of whom are clear in their view that ‘home is home’ and ‘school is school’, Remote Learning is designed to be reflective of the home environment and activities are structured in support of this.

Remote Learning is planned for and assessed by Class Teachers in the same way as learning in school.  This means it is sent home weekly.  This is reflective of our whole school approach to planning, rooted in our pupils’ needs for repetitive, appropriately-paced learning.  

Each family is spoken with at least weekly, though in many cases more often, to support the delivery and assessment of Remote Learning.  Class Teachers will adapt and amend Remote Learning as needed to reflect the progress and needs of individual pupils and record progress using Earwig Academic, in the same way as when pupils are attending school.

We ask families to regularly update school (at least weekly) with photographic or video evidence, wherever possible, of pupils engaging with their personalised Remote Learning to support teachers’ in monitoring their progress.  Where this is not possible, records will be made based upon information shared during calls to families.

Please send all Remote Learning feedback and evidence to:  

For further information about Personalised Remote Learning at Redwood Park or to request a copy of our Remote Learning Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us on: by email or by phone call to the school office.

Below are anonymised examples of Remote Learning Plans for pupils within each phase of Redwood Park.