After School Clubs

After School Opportunities

At Redwood Park we offer a range of After School Clubs 3 days a week on Tuesday from 3:15pm to 4:00pm and on Wednesday and Thursday from 3.15pm to 4.15pm. Parents and carers are asked to collect their children at the end of clubs as school transport is not available at this time of day.

The clubs are a valuable experience for our pupils and provide opportunities to socialise, interact with other pupils and staff from across the school and to develop new skills and interests.  Clubs this year include swimming, music, drama, dance and football.

Do take advantage of this great opportunity

Redwood Park's after school clubs offers pupils the opportunity to extend and develop their skills within the activities they choose. The clubs aims to provide extra-curricular activities in which pupils are able to have fun and develop their confidence and independence, as well as help with practical, communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

Clubs run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Redwood Park and run from 3:15pm - 4:15pm.

After School Club Programme 2019-20

Tuesday (clubs run 3.15-4pm)




This club is aimed at all ages and abilities to come and enjoy developing their confidence and water based skills.


A fun and structured way to improve students football skills as well as exploring being part of a team.

Multi Skills

Multi-skills clubs provide a non-sport specific, fun, challenging and enjoyable activities. Sessions include a wide variety of games and activities, activities that a child may subsequently choose to participate in.                          


Pupils will have the opportunity to explore and use a wide range of media to create their own art work including clay, fabrics, paint and many more.


Pupils will have the opportunity to explore and use a wide range of musical instruments to be creative and enjoy making music.