Arts and Design

Let’s get creative with Art and Design

Our Art curriculum is based on exciting themes and projects.  We are so proud of our work that we are publishing it for everyone to see. We have introduced our initiative; an international online Art gallery where the pupils’ artwork will be uploaded for friends and family to see.

Notifications are automatically emailed to members of each student’s ‘Fan Club’ each time a new work is published.

For more information visit Artsonia website or alternatively email 

Key Stage Three pupils work in various types of interesting media, including watercolour, collage, 3D sculpture, ceramics and paper mache, whilst learning a variety of different techniques along the way. Themes include Ancient Egypt, The Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, landscapes and the work of Henry Moore, Freidensreich Hundtertwasser and Johannes Vermeer.

Key Stage Four have chosen Art as one of their options and are working towards an ‘Art Award’ accreditation, using a variety of media and techniques, and following several themes and topics.

Art for us is all about enjoyment, freedom, expression and celebration.

Art brings our school to life!