Redwood Park Academy has a curriculum that meets the wide ranging educational and social needs of our pupils.

We have developed a curriculum, which is based on the values made explicit in our vision and also encompasses and extends the national curriculum. Our whole school curriculum model provides a natural progression from Key stage 2 through to Key stage 4 and on to the next stage beyond Redwood Park.

The curriculum is creative and practical.  There is a whole school focus on communication, independence and personal development, preparing pupils extremely well for leaving school. 

Pupils across the school enjoy a rich and varied curriculum including topics, themed days and weeks, outdoor learning, horticulture, sports activities, watersports, visits into the community, residential visits, after school clubs, a strong arts component, and use of up to date technologies to enhance learning and support communication.

Provision for SMSC is ensured through the innovative curriculum design which encourages pupils to share and reflect on their experiences and develop a strong understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

The curriculum is highly responsive to pupil need and results in a wide variety of activities which stimulate interest and curiosity in all areas of learning this is supported by a well-resourced and highly stimulating environment.