Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

E Y Harburg

We bring music alive at Redwood Park!

In our music lessons we explore a range of different musical styles using a selection of different instruments and everyone loves being part of a class rock band! Singing is also important to us as it can make us feel happy in ourselves. Rhythm is taught using a variety of instruments including samba drums and cajons as well as hand held instruments.

The music department has lots of busy clubs including several student rock bands who are currently practising ready to visit other schools to perform their songs, a choir, a samba drumming band (we are loud and have lots of fun!) and a keyboard club where students can practice pieces they’ve learnt in class or even write their own songs!

We are developing our use of IPads which allows everyone to create really interesting performance pieces and also to make up their own music.  Music technology will continue to be an important part of music lessons at Redwood Park School.

There are lots of opportunities to learn an instrument through one to one lessons for students who are ready to put in extra hard work on top of lesson times. This offers the chance to gain extra certificates and qualifications reflecting the skills they have developed.