7KR are have had a fantastic week at their new school! They all look super smart in their new school uniforms and have been full of enthusiasm for the new term. The pupils have quickly got to know each other and have been reunited with old friends from previous schools and the transition programme.

The class Teacher is Kim. She is new too and has been busy trying to learn how to do the register and use the emails! The Teaching Assistants are Daisy and Jess. Katie comes and helps us get ready in the mornings and also teaches Art.

When asked what they liked about being at their new school and in their new class, the pupils were full of ideas! Fin, Drew, Nikita and Zachary really enjoyed swimming. Crystal, Jamie, Lloyd and Yahya really liked getting to know their new friends. Ike loves the school dinners as you get extra fish fingers in Year 7! Owen really likes his new bus escort and has made lots of friends on the bus.

We have found out that lots of the class enjoy football and basketball so we hope to play a lot of team games this year. Lots of the class are in sports clubs out of school. We have quite a few computer experts in the class who I’m sure will get involved with IT in the school as well as at home. A couple of the girls also enjoy dance and gymnastics. Lloyd really loves music and wants to be a DJ!

We are all looking forward to getting stuck in to some fun work next week and especially about our first music lesson!