7SL have had a fantastic first week at Redwood Park Academy!

Having introduced themselves to their class they took part in a variety of team building activities as well as action-packed music, P.E. and Art lessons. We have been very crafty this week, making placemats for lunchtimes and designing keychains for our school bags.  We are all getting to know each other really well and are looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for us!

In our team we have Sam Leadbeater, our teacher supported by Gavin Randall, Sue Jobe and Kim Bekker

What we enjoy about being in our class and our school:

Meeting new and old friends.

Helping each other and the teachers.

Music (drumming, singing and rapping), maths and English lessons and playing basketball in PE.

We like that it’s a big school with lots of kids I might be friends with

We discussed our interests and hobbies and found that we like

Playing football, lego building, motorbikes and quadbikes, swimming, playing basketball, computing, Back to the Future and cars. Riding bikes.

Our 2017-2018 wish list

I liked to do lots of swimming and tennis.

I’d like to achieve my Headteachers award.

I’d like to get better at music.

I’d like to improve my spelling and reading.

I’d like to try and make more friends.

I’d like to go on lots of trips.