What we enjoy about being in our class and our school

It has been a very busy week back in school and in 8DW we have enjoyed many of the things we have been doing, including:  meeting up with our friends and making new friends, meeting our old and new teachers as well as getting used to a new classroom.  We have also enjoyed some of our new routines and having the time to do some practical tasks including making dream catchers and using beads for craft.  We also like our new timetable where we will be trying new things.

Our interests and hobbies

We like to do lots of different things in 8DW, some of these are things in school and some of these are when we are not in school.  Some of our school activities that interest us are:  Football, swimming and basketball.  Outside of school we have interests that include looking at different transport timetables, playing with our family and friends and playing sports.  We also like to play with cars or on an X-Box, playing on computers and watching television.  Some of us like dancing, shopping and even eating cheese!

Our 2017-18 wish list 

These are our wishes for the new school year:

Having more trips out, extra time to do more activities of our own choice, earning rewards, lots more swimming and learning out of the classroom. We also want to learn more skills in PE, to improve at swimming, and to improve our skills in handwriting.  Other wishes we have are to make some new friends in school and to also be a good friend all year.