9AJ is made up of Leah, Courtney, Amber, Ben, Brandon, Amy, Robbie, Chris, Hayden and Lennie.  Our Form Tutor is Mrs Jeffries and our TA is Miss Young.

We enjoy swimming in the school pool every week because you get to swim under water and jump in sometimes. We also love going kayaking as it is fun to splash around when you are rowing.  PE is fun and we can go outside to play games like football, basketball and we like to race around.

In the mornings we do the Redwood Kilometre which is fun; we can see our friends and get points for our houses.  It is nice to speak to our friends at break and lunch and hang out together.  Sometimes we can walk to places like Foxes Forest where we can build and climb. There are lots of lunch clubs which are really energetic like Just Dance and Street Dance, or Chill Out where we can just relax and listen to music.

We have lots of interesting hobbies - we love singing, street dancing, free running and going to the cinema to see animated films like ‘Dory’.  Lots of us have pets we look after, from birds to snakes. We like to walk our dogs and play fetch with them.  Other things we enjoy include shopping for make-up and clothes, spending time with our families and playing computer games on PS4 or X Box.

This year our targets are to improve our attendance at school, make new friends, to manage our feelings better and develop our confidence. We want to be part of a team and support each other by being kind, helpful and staying in class where we will work together.  We would all like to improve our skills in maths and English.