Cascades are really looking forward to exploring the topic ‘Mechanical Mayhem’. We have already made a fantastic start by researching retro robots from Japan. We have collected lots of recyclable materials and are looking forward to taking home our own robots and machines once we have made them! Our ideas at the moment are: a dancing robot, a frog robot and a mechanical fairy! We can’t wait to show you some photos when they are finished.

Last term we learned about different materials. This term we are looking at how we can combine different materials and explore ways we can make them move! When we go to ride the bikes at the Mountbatten Centre we’re going to make a video that explains how our bodies move on the machines! Some of our class are very interested in understanding how to fix machines when they are broken. Others are interested in learning how we can fix our bodies if we have an injury. We will be learning how to use our first aid kits and keep ourselves safe! We’re going to be very busy this term and we’re looking forward to showing you how we get on!