The new term has arrived for Castle class, and also a new Year!

Before we started to think about the new term we spent some time reflecting about some of the good things we achieved in the Autumn term.  We all enjoyed our topic about ‘The day of the Dead’ and in particular, making our paper skulls and balloon heads which required us to use a lot of different skills, including working together and taking turns!

We enjoyed working together, during our lessons and on our many team challenges which all needed our communication skills and different ways of thinking.

At the end of the term, we planned and organised an event which we shared with another class, where we had to explain how to play the games we had on offer.

We also talked about things we are looking forward to in the Spring Term, we are all looking forward to continuing our learning in class and out of school.  We are going to continue working at Forest School and we also want to spend some more time in the yurt.

We are particularly looking forward to spending time at Fort Purbrook on Wednesdays where we are going to be doing lots of exciting things.  We can’t wait!