Summer term is here!

We started this term by thinking about some of the things we want to achieve before the end of the school year.  Some of the things we want to achieve are: ‘To improve our question answering skills’, ‘To focus more on the positive’, ‘To improve our times tables skills’, ‘To get better at using an indoor voice’ and also ‘To learn more about what goes on outside of school through going on more school trips’, amongst others.

We finished last term with a trip around Portchester Castle and we have started this term with another castle trip.  This time we went to Southsea Castle and enjoyed seeing the cannons, dressing up and also learning a bit more about Henry VIII.

We have lots more exciting things planned including more trips and also we are going to be doing some kayaking.

In class, our new topic this term is all about ‘Muck, Mess and Mixture’ and we started this with an activity day where we made chocolate cakes, used paint to create some curious creations and also made sensory putty.  We had a great time and are looking forward to the rest of the summer term!