We are glad to be back in school in Castle Class and are looking forward to learning lots of new things with our new class friends. 

The school has changed this year and all the classes now have names instead of numbers, so we need to find our way around again.  The class names are all based on places in Portsmouth and appear on the Portsmouth Monopoly board.  We have spent some of our time finding out where the new classrooms are and their names so we are sure where we are going.  We even got to play Monopoly with our own class board.

Because of our class name, we have been building castles out of lego, building blocks and other materials as well as well as starting to write some poetry and learning more about different kinds of shapes. 

We were lucky this week to be able to go swimming and are looking forward to more swimming lessons this year as well as continuing with great opportunities for outdoor learning.

We know this year is going to be great and are going to do some really exciting activities.  We can’t wait.