What a first term it has been! Our year 7 learners have really settled into our team, and have been welcomed in with open arms by their year 8 peers. Our topic this term has been Wild & Wonderful and we have explored so much that is wild and wonderful around us in our local area and further afield in the Arctic and the rainforests.


On Monday afternoons we have been exploring the local forests and experienced the season change from Autumn into Winter. We’ve also developed our hunting skills, like those who live in some of the most remote parts of our planet, when visiting Fort Purbrook; taking part in Laser Tag and Archery classes.

During our PE lessons we have explored non-motorized form of transport. We visited Mountbatten Centre to use their bicycles and tricycles. We raced around and improved our gross motor skills.

This term we also had our first MFL (Modern Foreign Language) morning with our friends in year 7, 8 and 9. We learned about animals and colours in the French language, which linked nicely to our term theme. We enjoyed making animal cookies, learning the different names for our chosen animals, and decorated them in different colours, all labelled up in French!

In science we continue to explore and observe the properties of water, snow and ice in relation to exploring the wilderness of the Arctic. We looked at ways to speed up ice melting, we’ve experimented with different types of fake snow, and even explored how Polar Bears keep warm in their icy cold habitat.

In English we have been reading stories with a nature focus and fact files about wild and wonderful creatures. We wrote our own descriptive passages about a range of settings found in the natural world and wrote our own fact files on topics of interest.


We have worked really hard in our first term and feel like we’ve earned a rest but we are excited for the spring term and all the exciting opportunities a new term topic brings!