Museum have enthusiastically started the new school year. The pupils have settled well into the school routines and have enjoyed making new friends. They’ve taken part in a range of ‘getting to know you’ activities as well as meeting their new teachers.

The pupils talked about what they’ve enjoyed so far, here are some of the comments; “I’ve enjoyed playing the new monopoly game”, “meeting a new year 7 pupil who is a sibling of a current pupil”, “meeting my new teacher”, “making new friends”, “seeing old and new friends”, “starting the new lessons including food studies, football, swimming and playing the drums”.

The pupils are looking forward to the new school year and here are some of their hopes; make new friends at lunch clubs, improve maths, the summer show, learn music, achieve the head teachers award, make a film ‘all about me’, join football club, go on school trips, have fun, achieve awards, swimming and taking part in P.E., making progress with hand writing and learning to rap with the music teacher.

We as a class have agreed a class charter, everybody took part and talked about what are our rights and responsibilities. We agreed on how we would like to be treated and how we are going to treat others. We are all looking forward to the new school year.