The project for Museum Class this term is Mechanical Mayhem.  We are looking particularly at the subject of bridges.

The class are compiling a time-line about bridges through history.  The oldest one we have found is the Zhauzhou Bridge in China from around 500ad.  The newest is Rotherhithe Bridge in London – that one hasn’t even been built yet.  We are particularly interested in what they are made of and how technology and geography has influenced building materials.

Forest school has given us an opportunity to study bridges close-up.  We visited the old Meon Valley Way in Wickham to investigate how bridges supported railways in Victorian times and what materials were used.  We found three bridges close to the car park all made from different materials – bricks, steel and wood.  We also visited Bridge Street Village Green, where we had fun looking at a fallen tree and the fast flowing river.

Following the Christmas break the whole class will be improving their fitness.  We are going to try to do stretches and a workout each morning through the week.  PE will be more intense as we are doing crossfit, cardio and high-intensity interval training.