Museum class are proud of their achievements and are making great progress in all areas of the curriculum. Museum class mostly enjoy outdoor learning, thriving when the learning is practical and linked to the whole curriculum. We are all very proud of the hard work each pupil has contributed to rebuilding the Redwood Park pond. So far the foundations have been prepared, the next step will be lining the pond in the hope of attracting local wildlife for the whole school to enjoy. Museum have also started the first stage of the environmental ‘John Muir Award’ by helping the South Downs ranger plant tree saplings. They learnt how to use different tools, worked in a team and the process of planting trees for the future. They are now building an eco-fence around the saplings to protect them. The pupils visited Cosham high street in the Autumn term to handle money in real life situations and are now more confident when working at money maths in class. We have seen some great progress in using coins and notes. The pupils are further developing media skills and are currently reporting on Sherlock Holmes mysteries. We will finish this unit by visiting Portsmouth museum to discover more about the detective and the mysteries he solved!