We’re all in Year 7 and new to Redwood Park.  We would like to welcome you all back for the new school year.

We have all had a very busy first week.

We have been getting to know all of our new friends and learning about each other, through various ways, which has been fun.

In our class we have created a giant puzzle for display for our wall. Each piece tells us something about one of us and our favourite things. We now know lots of exciting things about our new school. We are very much looking forward to, many of the opportunities that will be on offer at lunch times and after school clubs.

During class time earlier this week, we created a time capsule together. We put into the time capsule, interesting information about ourselves as we are now. All of us are looking forward to opening it together in year 11 when we are at the end of our journey with Redwood. It will be really interesting to see how much we have all changed by then.


We are looking forward to working hard and learning so many new things together. Of course, we will share these experiences with you, along the way.