Wedgewood have made a great start to the Spring Term! The first thing we did was think back to the Autumn term and reflect on what we had enjoyed the most, what really made us think and what we were looking forward to in the Spring term. We all agreed that we especially liked practical learning. Making our cake stands in Design Technology was a particular highlight as well as learning how to make a variety of cakes to go on them! We also enjoyed learning outdoors especially Forest Schools through which we have all developed our confidence, our ability to work as a team and our resilience in solving problems.


This term our learning topic is Time Travellers. We’ll be looking at how amazing our world is now and how things have progressed to have enabled us to get to this point! As part of this and as part of our outdoor learning we are going horse riding which we are really looking forward to! As much as we know we are going to enjoy it, to imagine that at one time this was the only mode of transport is unthinkable!