Wedgewood class has been having fun getting to know each other and settle back into school this week.  We have spent time with our old friends and have made new ones too. 

We have enjoyed lots of activities like games and drama which we like as we are a very energetic class and lots of us enjoy being active.  We have been playing football – Marley has his own gloves already and Keir is the best footballer.   

Wedgewood class likes being in the adventure playground and our favourite activity is swimming!  We can all swim a length of the pool and Charlie won the racing.   Jay is the most improved swimmer from last year and Banner loves to swim backstroke.

We spent time in the garden and had some delicious sweet watermelon, sour rhubarb and tried brioche and croissants in the welcome assembly. Talking about food, Ike is looking forward to making tasty food like pizza and lasagne in cooking this year and Katie is hoping to make a cake.

There are lots of creative pupils in Wedgewood - Owen is wondering what he will be able to make in DT and hopes it will be made out of wood and Fin can’t wait to do more drumming in music.  Jahya has been showing his artistic talents and produced a fabulous painting in the style of Picasso!

We have a great year ahead of us and are feeling positive about the future!