What we enjoy about being in our class and our school:

We really enjoy being part of 10KW because we are a friendly bunch! We always help and respect each other. We love making each other laugh!! (Most of the time!) We are good friends and we like to join in with activities together. We like that we have responsibilities within the class and that we can share our ideas too.

We like being part of Redwood Park because the staff are nice, it’s fun and we get to spend time with our friends. We also like doing work too! We enjoy the lessons and get to get involved in our learning. We love going on trips and taking our learning to other places. The Academy allows us to try our best and provides good opportunities for us to learn. 

Our Interests and hobbies:

In 10KW we love:

Pompey Football Club, Playing Football, Swimming, Sailing, Go Karting, Going to the Park, Rock Climbing, Drawing, going to club to play pool. These are all the things we love spending our weekends doing.

Our 2017/18 wish list:

  • Win the lottery
  • Top 10 finish for Pompey!
  • To earn enough reward points to get some prizes from the cabinet!
  • Become more independent.
  • Be successful in Music.
  • Achieve more levels on my sailing course.
  • Visit the local colleges.
  • To see 10KW flourish and become more independent.
  • To see the return of the lockers!

We would like to have enrichment back.