What we enjoy about being in our class and school

 Harry- I love my group because they are really positive about everything and they are really musical.

Cameron- We make a great class band as we all love music and we all help each other.

Sarah- I like my teachers and I have lots of friends who make me happy.

Shaun- the behaviour in my class is really good and calm.

Josh- We've got a lovely teaching assistant Miss Cassin.

Emma- I really like coming to school to see my friends.

Tristan- I think my class look really smart everyday and I am proud to be in it.

Our interest and hobbies:

Harry- I play guitar and drums! I also love my Xbox and football. My favourite player is Ronaldo.

Cameron- I'm into motor racing and do this every other weekend. I also like playing the piano and am getting really good.

Sarah- I love singing! I sing a lot at home and also sing in the class band. 

Shaun- I enjoy cooking and am good at making desserts! I really enjoy maths as well as it helps me learn to measure out my ingredients for recipes.

Josh- I love playing on my DS and I have lots of games for it.

Emma- I love swimming and PE. I also like cooking with my friends.

Tristan- I enjoy PE and do lots of running with my family during the weekends. 


Our 2017-18 wish list:

To have more opportunities to play musical instruments. 

I want to take part in Redwoods Got Talent this term!

To learn to swim better.

I want to get better at singing.

I want to have more opportunities to do cooking.

To do more exercise and do my best at everything I do.

To carry on being a really good member of the class and to continue making everyone laugh lots!