Hi! We’re 11LH. We are Jack, Tom, Emma, Keeshia, Georgia, Lewis, Kieran, Adam, Aman, Sarah and Mason.

Our tutor and support staff are Miss Hastie, Mrs Tudor and Phil.

11LH really enjoy their time at school. Jack likes lunchtime and cooking. Lewis enjoys practical lessons and likes having good friends in the tutor group. Kieran likes writing stories. Tom and Adam enjoy gardening. Aman loves having a game of football at lunchtime. Emma enjoys talkabout and telling everyone what she has been doing. Georgia likes music activities with Mr Broad. Keeshia says being in 11LH is ‘soooo fabulous!’.

We like to keep ourselves busy outside of school too. Tom and Aman like to keep fit. Aman plays cricket and Tom enjoys swimming. Jack and Lewis both like the xbox and Emma loves working on her dad’s laptop. Keeshia likes shopping for food and Adam enjoys cooking it. Georgia likes to relax at home listening to music. Kieran likes to watch Captain Underpants on his Kindle.

11LH are very excited about year 11. Lewis is a bit nervous about exams but would love to do multimedia with Ricky again. Aman wants to do lots of sport and Keeshia is looking forward to Rock Challenge. Jack and Adam are hoping to play games in P.E and go kayaking. Tom can’t wait until the residential trip to Little Canada. Georgia hopes that the school will get beanbags to sit on and Kieran is hoping that we’ll be able to watch Captain Underpants in school! Emma hopes everything will be as good as it was in year 10.