We have a fun school which we are excited to go to. We get along and we’re all friends. Some of our favourite subjects include cooking and PE (especially the swimming).

Our tutor group has a diverse range of interests. We like to be active outside of school and some of our hobbies include swimming, football and going to the gym and one of us is even a cadet!

Beyond sports we have a hover boarder, video gamers and a makeup enthusiast. Some of us just like going to the park, hanging out with our friends, building Lego or watching videos on You-tube.

By the time we finish school we want to be prepared for college with good grades. We know what we need to do as individuals to get there, whether it be improving handwriting or completing our options. For some of us this will increase our independence or help us to find a job and for some of us we just want to go to the prom!