We like the new class names which all link to the Portsmouth Monopoly Game we also like plying Monopoly! Our staff team includes Sharon, Erin and Grant. 


We have all settled back in quickly and it is great to see so many smiling faces.  As a class we would like to tell you what has been happening so far this term.

Clarence class have had an exciting start to the week.  We have spent time learning about the origins of our name Clarence Pier, how it has evolved over time and looking forward to a trip later in the term. 

We have enjoyed creating a cat called Dennis, using our imaginations after a short story told by Sharon, some of the cats even have super powers!  In science our project is focused on electricity and we firstly took part in experiments to create static electricity.  Fun was had by all making the butterfly wings move and separating pepper and salt!  Swimming was great at Havant Leisure Centre, Erin and Grant both supported us in swimming as well as on our journey.


We look forward to an exciting year ahead as we now have been told of our option choices and the subjects we will be learning in Life Management.  This is all to support us in developing our independence.  We are all enjoying being back to school, although some of us are a little tired  -we had to get up early!!