We are looking forward to a great year ahead and it has already started so positively.  We are loving our new tutor name, D-Day and have been learning all about the names given to the other tutors around school using the monopoly Portsmouth edition!! It’s been great fun!  We’ve even been naming a few places we think they left out that are really important like the arcades, the hovercraft and Playzone!! 

We have looked forward and have decided to make our own wish list for the year.  Here are some of these:

Max – “I would really like to be able to do some hard maths problems.”

Mason – “I want to have lots of friends and play football.”

Matthew – “I want to run fast.”

Cody – “I will practice asking for help when I need it.”

Harvey – “I would like to be more patient.”

Sultan – “I want to get my work done.”

Len – “I want to be more fit and healthy.”

Tyler – “I would like to make more friends.”


We have been ever so focused upon returning to school and have started our options.  Its great being in KS4 and we are enjoying the changes and trying our best to show a good example to the younger years here at Redwood Park Academy!