In the Autumn term, D-Day learnt all about the war in humanities and how it felt to be a child in war time.  We learnt all about the different types of bomb shelters and even used tables to recreate the ‘Anderson’ shelter!  They even had to try and get into their homemade shelters when the siren went off!!  D-Day also looked at the different buildings throughout time and discovered different features that they had before our modern buildings.  We all decided that some of the modern buildings were very spectacular!!  D-Day concentrated and worked really hard on their communication skills, debating subjects, coming to agreements with others and getting their point across in an appropriate way. 

We have also been looking at different ways to communicate during PSHE and how we can express ourselves in different ways.  We looked at how our face can tell a story, how our bodies can express how we feel and how we don’t need to use words to communicate, all getting turns to act out scenarios to the rest of the group and the others had to guess what was happening.  Everyone took part and it was great to see them all engaged and happy to learn!  There are definitely a few fantastic actors in the class, watch out for them in the future!!

PE lessons in autumn term were at Fort Purbrook, where we worked on fitness and team building skills.  All the pupils got to do archery, rock climbing and the obstacle course.  All learners improved on their accuracy in archery and they got to start at the easier walls and progress to the higher walls, some of them even got all the way to the top!  This helped us work on our resilience and attempt new and challenging tasks in the obstacle course.  Everyone had a go and it was great to hear the support from the rest of the class when someone struggled to complete a particular task.  Well done D-Day!!