What we have enjoyed in Week 1 and our hopes and aspirations for the year

Jasmin: I have enjoyed eating watermelon from the garden and trying new things

                To get the qualifications to help animals

Kevin: I have enjoyed harvesting the fruit and vegetables from the garden

                To get the qualifications to be a builder and to hopefully get an apprenticeship

Holly: I have enjoyed being back at school and seeing my friends

                I hope to work hard and get lots of good qualifications

Riva: I have enjoyed helping out in the garden

                To finish school so I can get lots of sleep

Angel: I have enjoyed being back with my amazing class mates

                I would like Pompey to win the league and to perform my music at school

Frank: I have enjoyed Design Technology

                I hope to become a banjo guitar player and drummer in a rock band

Blair: I enjoyed looking at the Greatest Showman for ideas for Rock Challenge

                I am looking forward to leaving school with lots of qualifications and starting at college

Sian: I have enjoyed cooking

I hope we do really well at Rock challenge this year

Harry: I have enjoyed seeing some people at school

                I hope Moneyfield Football Club play well this season

Callum: I have enjoyed Jon pretending to be Gollum

                I hope we can have a Just Dance lesson everyday