Dockyard have worked really well as a class this year and have, as well as rising to the challenges of learning across the curriculum, also risen to a challenge of their own.  Over the last few months they have been working on a new project called ‘Learn for the Best’.  This challenge – involving each member of the class teaching the others something about a specific interest of theirs – came out of the realisation that everyone in the class is so diverse which we thought was something to celebrate!

As well as our challenge, we have all worked very hard in our lessons and preparing for our next steps.  We are very much looking forward to the next step in our journey to growing up, going to college, gaining employment and flourishing as adults. We are currently focussing on our life skills in different ways, including shopping, washing clothes and how to do basic DIY projects. We will be continuing our work on how to travel independently and how to interact safely in the local community, which all contributes to us becoming as independent as we can!

As a class we have devised a new PFA project called ‘Crash course to Adulthood’ !! We have chosen to expand on topics such as money, life style, health and travel to help us have a smooth transition into the next stages of our lives.  We will keep you posted!!