The end of this academic year is fast approaching and Guildhall plan to be very busy.

Monday mornings, we start the week with Kayaking at Lakeside. We are going to use this experience to build our skills and to develop team work, also hopefully to have plenty of fun whilst out on the water.

During the weeks we will be looking at how to travel around Portsmouth, especially to college. To do this we will be checked on our road awareness and build up to using buses, which is exciting!

To round up the week we are looking forward to the continued challenges set by Mr Spear every Friday where we are given weird and wonderful tasks that points are awarded for. All of us are wanting to be the champion.

Finally, once our functional skills tests have been completed we will be heading out on the 4-week National Citizenship Service (NCS) in June. We are hoping to take part in everything and make many more happy memories including meeting Kenny Jacket (PFC manager).

We are also looking forward to the Prom where will celebrate all our achievements and wish each other all the best for the future!