After the end of a busy and enjoyable Autumn term, Guildhall are ready for our last six months at school.

In the first week we discussed our New Year’s resolutions which ranged from being increasingly aware of others, trying out new sports such as basketball and eating more healthily.  We all made positive resolutions which we will try our hardest to stick to for the rest of the year!!

We also set ourselves individual challenges which we would like to achieve.  Some of us want to improve our singing and try out new skills like kayaking.  Some of us wanted to improve on the skills we have already learnt, like swimming, so we become even better!!  We talked about how we could achieve these goals, who would help us if we found things tricky, the challenges we might face and how we would overcome these, coming to the conclusion that it’s resilience that we are already developing.

We are really looking forward to many things this term, including our planned visits to Mary Rose where we will be carrying out tasks to assist the teachers and pupils. We all know we have a lot of hard work to do in the coming six months, preparing for our end of school assessments, sorting our college places and preparing for our Prom!  We look forward to the challenge!