Gunwharf have been discussing their new year’s resolutions this week and what they are looking forward to in 2019 and this term. As a team we are all looking forward to participating in this year’s Rock  Challenge. We are all doing really well and working hard in rehearsals. Some of the group are already thinking about the prospect of college and are excited to look at their options for the future. Other new year’s resolutions include overcoming fears, finding a new hobby and improving on existing ones e.g. singing, boxing, football, performing, cooking, hair and beauty.

Blake and Alyssa are really excited for their skiing trip in Italy and learning a new skill. Some students are looking forward to improve in certain subjects and aspects of school life. We are beginning projects which has a topic of ‘Grow Your Own’. Pupils’ are focussing on their individual hobbies and look forward to the progress they make.

Some of the class’ projects are already taking form and include fitness, cooking and involvement in rock challenge.

We are all really excited to see what the New Year and term has in store for us as team Gunwharf!