Redwood Park Academy School council

What we’re all about

Our school council is a team of pupils who have been elected by their class to represent them.  Every class has 1 council member and a ‘deputy’.

We make sure that:

  1. Everyone in the school can have their say and give their views on absolutely everything!
  2. We are involved in making choices and changes
  3. We understand how important it is to be good citizens and to support our school community and our friends
  4. We help our school to get even better at everything we do
  5. That no-one is ever overlooked.  We make it personal.

How does it work?

We meet regularly with staff and we always have a focus for discussion.  Sometimes we get to have lunch together as well.

We bring ideas from our classes and we report back to our classes.

We are quite a new council and we are about to set up half termly meetings with Mrs Tondeur, our Head of School.

We have an annual budget of £250 that we can use to help improve our school.

Council of Portsmouth Students (COPS)

We take turns to attend COPS meetings so that we can also contribute to making things as good as we can for pupils right across Portsmouth. We really enjoy these meetings and they include team building activities as well as ‘business’ matters.