School teams

At Redwood Park we have recently introduced a Team system, each team is named after a famous Navy ship that has docked in Portsmouth. Every pupil at Redwood Park is assigned to a Team. The Team system promotes ownership, teamwork, good behaviour and allows opportunities for pupils to take on responsibility.

Each week pupils collect credits in lessons for going above and beyond expectations in lessons, attending lunch time enrichment opportunities and throughout the year we hold Team days where pupils work in vertical groups to compete against the other teams.

This not only gives our pupils a sense of pride and ownership but also teach the pupils about the history of their local area.

Meet the Captains

Adventure Captain – Kaine Roussett 

Motto: Have Less. Do More. Be More

I’m Kaine, Me is Kaine and Kaine Is me!

My interests are getting the best for my team. We are the best because we are not scared of anything!! (Well maybe Spiders!)

Adventure Vice Captain – Liam Davison

Discovery Captain – Connor Mullaney

Motto: Discover the Unexpected

Hi my name is Connor, and I’m the captain of Discovery.

My interests are winning! I love to sing and being part of the Redwood Band. I also love to make my team happy.

Discovery is the best team because we stick together and help each other out through the good and the bad.

Thank you.

Discovery Vice Captain – Terry Gee

Endeavour Captain – Sasha Baldwin

Motto: Don’t Stop, Never Give Up.

Hi I am Sasha, I am interested in Pokemon and Star Wars. I am also very interested in getting more points for my team and I hope to win!! We are the best team because we listen to each other and work together.

Victory Captain – Luke Galea

Motto: Honour, Motivation, Success

I am the captain of Victory and my name is Luke. My interests are making things that are very tricky and getting points for the team.

Victory is not a good team, its and amazing team!! We help each other out and fight each other’s wrongs. We all have talents so we can thrive and be successful!

Victory Vice Captain – Jess Blyth