School teams

At Redwood Park we have a School Team system, each team is named after a famous Navy ship that has docked in Portsmouth.

The Redwood Park team system embeds a sense of community, friendship and healthy competition amongst both pupils and staff.  A strong team identity empowers our pupils to participate and thrive in all aspects of school life, both in and out of the classroom.  It promotes teamwork, positive and supportive behaviour and brings opportunities for leadership.

The qualities instilled by belonging to a team family ensure that Redwood Park pupils go on to value and appreciate making positive contributions to our wider society.

Each week pupils collect credits in lessons for going above and beyond expectations in lessons and during breaks and lunchtimes.  Throughout the year we hold Team days where pupils work in vertical groups to gain points and compete against the other teams.  Many of these days are linked to charity events such as Children in Need.  This not only gives our pupils a sense of pride and ownership but also teach the pupils about the importance of giving to others as well as learning about the history of their local area.