The Station

It has been an exciting and busy start to the year in The Station as we have welcomed in a number of new pupils and staff.  Our activities have got off to an excellent start with pupils already enjoying weekly trips out kayaking where they are focusing on learning a new skill, as well as building their confidence in new environments.  Pupils have also developed their skills in weekly swimming sessions focussed on sharing a physical space and social activities with others, as well as on fitness and technique.


This term, the pupils in The Station are working on a range of projects, individually tailored to reflect their own interests at the same time as supporting them to work towards new, personal goals. One pupil has created eco-hotels for creatures he has found exploring in the ‘Wild Space’ and another is developing her life and independence skills through daily cooking activities.  In this way, pupils within The Station are learning valuable academic and life skills through activities which entirely suit and develops their own learning styles and needs.  Our approach is centred around discovering what motivates and engages our pupils and building a curriculum plan to suit them.


Following previous success with this approach, The Station staff continue to support a number of pupils within other classes who have successfully managed the transition back into larger groups.  This support allows our pupils to participate fully in all aspects of school life and is reflective of the dedication and resilience our pupils who have worked so hard to adopt the skills needed to engage happily, with reduced support – an achievement we are very proud of!


Over the coming weeks, as routines become established, The Station staff will once again be offering 1:1 and small group interventions for pupils across the school.  These sessions will focus on engagement, developing resilience and improving self-esteem.  Sessions emphasise the importance of sensory and self-regulation and provide pupils with the practical techniques and strategies often needed to continue to thrive.  We look forward to seeing the celebrating their successes in our next update!