Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week

The first week in May saw Redwood Park Academy support the ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’.

The whole school assembly focus was looking at the question ‘ What do animals do to help us?’ and How we can be kind to animals. We were lucky to be joined in assembly by Peppa and Bude, who are two school Labrador PAT dogs, who spent the day in classes and joined the school assembly.

The assembly was as interactive as ever where classes worked together to complete an interactive quiz, where teams had to guess how the pictured animal helped humans. Some of the answers were incredible and we all agreed how amazing some animals are in the way they help humans.

The remainder of the assembly we spent time to reflect and consider the different ways that we can be kind to animals and the importance of treating them with equal respect. Some of the team shared their own ideas in how they could do this with their pets at home or in the community.

Next step: Let’s have our own Redwood Park dog!!!