Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

Year 10 and 11 pupils completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award this term by taking part in an overnight kayaking trip.

7 pupils kayaked the Chichester canal for the day. The weather was glorious and we saw a whole host of wildlife from fish, ducklings, cygnets and cows.

We stopped off at the end of the canal in Hunston for lunch before paddling back to Chichester basin to play some games in the boats. We then went on to the campsite where the pupils had to put their own tents up and cook themselves dinner.

We then went for a walk on the seafront and could see all the way back to Portsmouth and the Spinnaker tower.

The weather the next day was remarkably different to the sunshine the previous day and bacon sandwiches were cooked for breakfast in rather wet conditions! The assessor came back to see the pupils pack the tents away and inform us that we had all passed the final assessment before we drove back to school to dry out!