Garden Watch

Garden Watch

It’s been getting colder in the garden and as we clear the beds for winter it begins to look bare.

However, there are signs of spring even now as the onions, garlic and shallots start to show themselves above the earth. The spring bulbs are growing and in the poly-tunnel salads, cabbages, peas and beans are all doing well.

If you haven’t already started your spring planting now is the time to start off sweet-peas, broad beans, early peas and if you have a warm spot or greenhouse your chillies. We saved our plants from last year (cut right back) and they are sprouting and beginning to flower in the cold frame. Frosts allowing we should have another bumper crop this year.

We will soon have onions, garlic and shallot plants for sale, so watch this space or send in any orders.

The hens have been getting lots of exercise as they are now spending each day out of their run. They love scratching around the garden and have been busy following the gardeners around as they clear and tidy each bed in preparation for spring. We have to pen them out of beds with young plants in, but they do a great job in finding and eating any sprouting weeds, seeds and slugs. One of them is even managing still to lay! The others have stopped as the light levels are low. Roll on spring proper; longer, warmer days and more eggs again!