Isle of Wight - KS4 Residential

Isle of Wight - KS4 Residential

The week before half term saw 22 KS4 pupils take the Ferry to the Isle of Wight for the annual residential visit to Little Canada PGL for one week...

During the week pupils stay in log cabins and get to experience many outdoor activities that they may not have done before. Activities included rock climbing, abseiling, trapeze towers, zip wires, fencing, matrix challenges and sensory walks.

The pupils were very brave and climbed high to the top of the towers and supported one another if they were a bit scared. The sensory trail saw pupils putting on black out goggles and following one another into muddy puddles, climbing through tunnels and over obstacles!

The matrix is always one of our favourite activities with pupils moving through hidden rooms with different themes solving challenges as they went. One room was themed like a pirate ship and pupils had to move cannons into a big sail to release the door to the next room! One room was like the mission impossible film and pupils had to climb through ultra violet beams without setting them off!

This was an incredible week that developed pupils’ resilience, independence and communication skills, well done everyone!