Redwood Athletes bring home the trophy!

Redwood Athletes bring home the trophy!

Redwood Park Academy attended the Portsmouth Schools Indoor Athletics Festival on Monday 1st March...

The squad were keen, enthusiastic and excited for the challenge against 12 other county-wide teams, with a mix of PD, MLD and mainstream schools.

The squad was captained by Owen Hickman, a budding Young Leader who led by example in both his performance and support of other team mates and other schools. Harry Mitchell started off strong in the field events with Frankie Cave setting high standards in the speed bounce. Ben and Brandon from 8SH enjoyed the new experiences and provided some stiff competition for challenging teams.
Jess and Chantelle led the Girls squad with high quality of performance with a constant smile. Sian performed superbly in both field and track events, really surprising herself. Leah and Courtney grew in confidence and challenged many girls older than themselves.

Every squad member made significant contributions to the teams performance, all culminating in Redwood winning the overall competition. A new addition to the trophy cabinet can be seen in the photo with each squad member receiving a certificate.

A massive well done and they were a credit to the academy with their efforts, attitude and support for each other and other schools.