Stunning Start

Stunning Start

Key Stage 3 have been launching their new project in a ‘Stunning Start’ to the term. The new topic is called Time Travellers and will focus on many periods of history, including ancient and more modern eras.

Today, each class was turned into a period of history: The Ancient Britons, The Vikings, Stone Age Man, The Ancient Egyptians, The Medieval Period, The Victorians, The late 20th Century and The Future! Pupils have spent time in six of the eras, undertaking hands-on and fun learning activities to introduce them to the concept of time and the past.


Activities have included, cave painting, creating runes, playground games, making and cooking bread on a real fire, playing retro computer games and designing homes of the future. Some of our braver Teachers even dressed up to make the experience as authentic as possible!


Here are some of the thoughts of the pupils:


“I liked making my own Rubix Cube”

“My bread tasted lovely that I made on the real fire!”

“I wouldn’t want to be poor in the medieval times – the food was horrible!”


Over the course of the topic, pupils will learn more about different periods of time and will be creating some letters and photos to be placed into a time capsule which we will bury on the school grounds to be dug up in at least 100 years time!