Welcome to our new pupils!

Welcome to our new pupils!

It’s that time again when the Year 6 pupils from across the area have been starting to think about moving to Redwood Park Academy in September. This is a big change for pupils, many of whom come to us as the only pupil from their school, and we try and make the transition as smooth as possible.

The programme has been running for three weeks for pupils from Cliffdale Primary Academy and they will be joined by pupils from different schools shortly after half term.

So far the pupils have had tours of the school, met key staff (and the chickens!). They have completed treasure hunts and taken part in a photo challenge. For the last two weeks, pupils have been telling Redwood ‘All About Me’ by creating arty sculpture examples of themselves and through tasting different foods. They have also made fruity cones using their favourite ingredients.

As the weeks progress, pupils will discover more about their new school and experience working in different parts of the building. They will be given a ‘buddy’ from the current Year 7 who will help them to explore their new school and answer any questions the Year 6s might have. It is also a friendly face they will recognise in September.

I look forward to meeting more of you soon!