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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher:  Katie Dalipe

Welcome to Nelson Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Spring 2023

 Welcome to Nelson Class of 2022-2023

We are the very first Nelson class made up of a mixture of Year 8 and 9 students who have had an amazing start to the academic year. We have built some fabulous friendships within the class already and I can’t wait to see what we achieve as a group during the rest of the year.

Throughout the Autumn term, we have immersed ourselves into our World War 2 topic – ‘Your Country Needs You!’. We have looked at camouflage, designed WW2 transport, created our own air raid shelters, become evacuee children and made our own propaganda posters. We have also been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do kayaking as well as visiting Fort Purbrook each week to participate a range of activities such as archery, rock climbing and lazer tag!

This term, I am excited to get started with our new topic – Big, Hairy and Scary - and seeing what wonderful ideas and lessons the group can get stuck into. There will be lots of opportunities to get creative and explore and experiment with a range of STEM ideas. Super exciting!!